Monday, 4 July 2011

Love Lessons - Jacqueline Wilson


Sharon Henning said...

That was a fantastic review and I think that people should definitely read the spoiler.
I'm with you: What is going on in our society that such deviant behavior is being served up as an obvious effort to influence young people? I mean what is the point?
Also, if a teacher was ever stupid enough to act on any feelings like that he'd be marked for life as a registered sex offender.
Found you on book hounds and am following!

Agrippina said...

@ Sharon: I was particularly horrified by the book because it came from an author who I've always trusted as someone who produces good books for children. I'd have bought it as a gift for a young person without any fear that there would be a dangerous message in it! Now I know to stick to those books of hers that I've read personally :/

Thanks for the follow - I'm now following you as well :)